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Name:Mrs. Rizma [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Y!: solobatikmart Y!: solobatikmart
Windows Live: solobatikmart solobatikmart
Mobile Number:081548634856
Phone Number:0271 2072738
Address:Bulakan 03/08 Sukoharjo
Sukoharjo, Solo 57525, Jawa Tengah
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Registration Date:Mar. 22, 2011
Last Updated:Jun. 03, 2011
Business Nature:Trade of Apparel & Fashion category

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Welcome soloBATIKmart.
soloBATIKmart is an online store that provides a variety of excellent quality batik products at wholesale prices.
Our products are very complete them are clothes / clothing / batik shirt, dress, prayer mats batik, batik bags, batik souvenirs, key chains, sequin bags, batik bags, stick bags, tissue boxes batik, batik bangles, bracelets batik sculpture, and much again another product-related products, everything we serve with the perfect quality and certainly with a very friendly with your buged.
Happy shopping at soloBATIKmart..

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